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Comprehensive Immigration Reform February 11, 2013

Posted by attorney Caroly Pedersen

President’s State of the Union Makes Immigration Reform For 2013 A National Priority !

As expected, during the State of the Union on Tuesday, President Obama made Immigration Reform a top priority of his administration stating “Real reform means establishing a responsible pathway to earned citizenship", urging Congress to give him a Bill to sign into law “As we speak, bipartisan groups in both chambers are working diligently to draft a bill, and I applaud their efforts. Now let's get this done. Send me a comprehensive immigration reform bill in the next few months, and I will sign it right away."

Most significantly, the Republican response to the Presidents call for reform was quite positive compared to past years. Republican House Speaker John Boehner standing behind the President was seen visibly clapping in support of Obama’s call for Congressional action on immigration reform. This is the first time the Republican leadership in the House has expressed support for reform and represents a major shift in policy. Sen. Marco Rubio also put a positive spin on Immigration Reform as well in his Republican response, “We need a responsible, permanent solution to the problem of those who are here illegally…".

You can read the full transcript of the State of the Union by visiting our website at: and clicking on the Immigration Newsletter.

"Path to Citizenship" Remains Only Real Issue In Immigration Reform Debate

With leading Republicans like former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor expressing support for Immigration Reform, the issue now is not whether there will be an Immigration Reform law, that seems fairly certain, but more about whether or not the right wing of the Republican party and Tea Party members will finally agree to a "path to citizenship". This seems to be the sticking point for many ultra conservatives, who see allowing immigrants who they consider have broken the law to benefit by having the privilege of becoming U.S. Citizens.

Democrats, however, are on the other end of the fence, insisting that any Immigration Reform law passed must include a "path to citizenship". But experts on both sides believe that even with this divide on the issue, a compromise will be reached, which will likely provide an eventual path to U.S. Citizenship -after many years of holding legal immigration status.

Following last week's Immigration Reform Hearings in Congress and President Obama’s State of the Union Address discussing the need for Immigration Reform, momentum is building to present drafts of Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bills in Congress. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid anticipates that the Senate will pass immigration legislation shortly, which will put pressure on the House. So, as the debate continues to heat up…stay tuned!

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