Written by attorney Jeff Adrian Biddle

Completing Your Bankruptcy Petition - Exhibit D (Credit Counseling)

In order to file bankruptcy, you must first complete an online credit counseling course. For joint debtors, BOTH must take the class but you can usually take the class at the same time. Upon completion, the credit counselor will email you a copy of your certificate of completion, which must be filed with the court within 14 days of filing your bankruptcy. Of course, it is easier to file the certificate with your initial filing. If you are filing it AFTER you have filed your bankruptcy, make sure to write your case number on the certificate so that it gets filed in the correct case.

You must check one of the five boxes on the form...

Box 1 - Most will check this box certifying that they have taken the class and are attaching the certificate.

Box 2 - If you took the class but don't have the certificate, check this box. You must file the certificate within 14 days of your case filing.

Box 3 - If you tried to take the class but could not due to some problem, check this box and indicate why you could not take the class as required. You still need to take the class, but you may be given additional time to take it.

Box 4 - Check this box if you could not take the class because you were incapacitated (likely someone else is filing the bankruptcy for you, in which case, you should probably be consulting an attorney.

Box 5 - I'm not aware of anywhere that doesn't require the class. Arizona (my jurisdiction) certainly requires it.

Below are some credit counseling courses...

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