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Compensation in a Work Related Injury

There is no telling what types of injuries a worker can sustain when they are on the job. Every work area has dangers that need to be dealt with and no matter where you work there is always the potential for an accident. It is up to the employer to be proactive in thinking ahead when it comes to the safety of workers and taking action to ensure any dangerous areas are properly dealt with. This can include construction issues or uneven ground that makes it easy to trip. Depending on the location, some jobs have an increased risk for injury. Those that work in manual labor jobs such as a construction worker will need to be on the lookout to avoid situations that can lead to a personal injury. Broken bones, carpal tunnel, back trouble and neck injuries are just some of the issues that can be faced by workers.

Jobs are demanding in a number of ways on workers including physically. Some may be required to lift heavy objects while others are sitting at a desk all day. Any wear and tear on a daily basis can eventually lead to damage. Other times the harm can be faced in one blow when a worker takes a fall. Due to the high occurrence of injuries among workers, there have been laws and groups formed to help protect the rights of a worker. When employees sustain damage at work it can hinder their ability to continue on doing their job. This leaves them unable to pay common expenses including the newly faced medical bills. Not only are they left unable to work but they can deal with daily pain and restraints. Under New York law those that are injured in the workplace can be eligible for the cost of lost wages, pain and suffering along with the cost of their medical bills.

The amount of the compensation and the length that it continues on for will be dependent on the severity of the injury. Not every employer takes into consideration the importance of protecting their employees or assisting them if their job led to an injury. When they fail to fairly protect a worker and social security is not enough to cover the cost of damage that has been caused, legal action may need to be taken. Over the years, changes have been made to workers compensation in the state. Many are looking to cut their costs and workers’ compensation is one of those areas that has been affected. Laws have changed as well, reducing the amount of benefits that are awarded to the injured party. Workers are suffering to have their needs met when they are physically unable to meet the demands of their job.

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