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Common Oil, Gas & Mineral Lease Riders in Texas (Part 4 of 4)

Common Oil, Gas & Mineral Riders in Texas

(Part 4 of 4)

Directed/Stipulated Payment

Lessors named herein direct Lessee, or its assigns, to disburse monies, whether bonus, rentals, or royalties, accruing under the terms of this lease to __________________________, and agree that such disbursement will maintain this lease in full force and effect insofar as it affects the interest of said Lessors.

Liability Clause

Lessor grants to Lessee the full and unconditional right of assignment of this oil, gas and mineral lease and does further, upon such assignment, release and relieve the named Lessee of any and all liabilities, responsibilities, and obligations unto Lessor under this lease; however, nothing in this paragraph shall relieve the Assignee of the liabilities, responsibilities, and obligations contained herein.

Roads and Alleys

This lease covers and includes all of Lessor' rights, title and interest in and to any servitudes, rights-of-way, roads, streets, alleys, highways, bayous, streams, coulees, lakes, ditches, etc. public or private, traversing or adjoining the lands described hereinabove, whether or not specifically described.

Right of Assignment

Lessor grants to Lessee herein the full and unconditional right of assignment of this Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease and does further, upon such assignment by Lessee, release and relieve the named Lessee of any and all liabilities, responsibilities and obligations as provided for under the terms hereof; however, nothing in this paragraph shall relieve such Assignee of the liabilities, responsibilities and obligations contained herein and such Assignee, and its successors and assignees, shall not be relieved of the liabilities or obligations under this Lease unless the Lessor has discharged them expressly and in writing. Lessee agrees to furnish to Lessor a copy of any assignment involving the lands described herein, including the address and phone number of said assignees.

Sub-surface Easement

Lessor/Grantor hereby specifically grants unto Lessee the right to a Sub-Surface Servitude of use through the subsurface of the lands subject hereto for the purpose of drilling a directional well(s) with the bottom hole location of such well(s) being situated either on the Lessor's lands as covered hereby or on lands unitized therewith, including the right to install pipe casing or other equipment necessary to produce oil, gas and associated hydrocarbons from any zone, horizon or interval in which such well(s) may be completed, with Lessee further having the right to drill, rework, plug back, sidetrack or alter such directionally drilled well(s) and the right to re-enter such well(s) and/or re-penetrate any stratum or strata found in said well(s) and to generally conduct all other such operations as may be necessary or incidental to the directional drilling contemplated herein. The rights herein granted with respect to Lessee's use of the subsurface of the lands covered hereby will remain in full force and effect as long as Lessee/Grantee continues to use these rights, but in the event Grantee eases to use the rights herein granted for one consecutive year, this Sub-Surface servitude shall terminate. Lessee/Grantee will indemnify and hold Lessor/Grantor harmless from any and all damages to Grantor's property caused by the use of this Sub-Surface Servitude and will protect and hold Grantor harmless against any and all claims or demands by third parties arising out of or resulting from grantee's use of the Sub-Surface Servitude granted herein. The consideration paid by Lessee/Grantee is accepted as full and adequate considerations for all rights, options and privileges herein granted.


Lessor herein specifically acknowledges and allows seismic testing to be performed on or about his property for the determination of the viability of production of oil, gas, or other minerals. Such information learned during seismic investigation shall be kept confidential and only relayed to Lessee and Lessee’s agents, successors and assigns.

Free Gas–Rarely seen

Lessor may take gas from the well for personal use at his residence; however, Lessor is responsible for all costs and liabilities associated with laying pipelines or connecting to Lessee’s pipelines. In any event, Lessors shall give 90 days written notice to Lessee prior to commencing construction of any pipeline or connection to Lessee’s pipelines.

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