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Common Effects of Juvenile Crimes

Every day, juveniles and underage minors throughout the nation are charged with criminal offenses ranging from driving under the influence to drug offenses to crimes of theft. If your child was charged with an underage offense, it is immediately important for you to understand how this will affect their future.

What are the common types of criminal charges that a juvenile can be charged with? Across the country, many people under the age of 21 are very frequently charged with DUI or DWI. Additionally, others under the age of 18 face other types of criminal charges, including drug charges such as possession of illegal substances and marijuana, shoplifting and other theft charges, and defacing of property, or graffiti. What is most important at a time such as this is to understand the most common juvenile charges that are taken to court and how these charges will directly affect the life of your child.

Some of the immediate repercussions of juvenile crimes include imprisonment in a youth detention facility or juvenile hall, fines, community service, drug or alcohol classes, driver’s license suspension or the prevention of obtaining a driver’s license, and more. In some cases, a criminal justice system may lash out on the parents of these children who are deemed responsible for their actions. These are the consequences that are commonly associated with a conviction of virtually any juvenile crime. Additionally, these types of criminal charges will have long term effects on a parent of a child, as they will be held financially responsible if the child is unable to pay for the fines. The parent may also be held accountable to take the juvenile to and from school, work, and any other place if the juvenile’s driver’s license is suspended.

When a person is charged and convicted of a juvenile offense and fails to take proper legal action, there are very few options they may have available to him or her in the future. Many employers, landlords, and schools refuse to employ, house, or teach those who have convictions on their criminal record. Without retaining legal services in the first place, the convicted person may be unaware of their options to obtain an expungement or cleansing of their juvenile record. Without the ability to obtain employment, an adult who was charged with a crime as a child may be unable to financially support him or herself. As one can see, the effects of a criminal conviction as a juvenile have a ripple effect on a person, and continue to show negative side effects for a long period of time.

If you have been charged with a crime before turning 18 or your child is currently facing underage criminal charges, it is very important that you talk to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. These types of charges are taken very seriously, as the criminal justice system is not a forgiving place. Only a skilled criminal defense lawyer will be able to provide you with the aggressive defense you need to prevent some of the most common after effects of a juvenile crime conviction.

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