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Common Car Accident Injuries

Posted by attorney Christopher Hoffmann

Car accidents can cause severe physical damages. Either major or minor, almost all car accident injuries can be claimed for compensation if the case is presented properly. Car accident injuries can range from small bruises to severe damages to the brain, termed as traumatic brain injury (TBI).

While preparing for a car accident case keep in mind that the case must clearly depict the cause, severity and effects of the injuries sustained on the daily life and the future of the victim.

Below are some categories of injuries which may help you in framing your claim:

  • Head injury

The force of the collision can sometimes cause heavy damage to the brain. The most dangerous injury is a closed head where the brain suffers internal damages without any sign of external trauma. Closed head injuries can leave the victim mentally paralyzed for the lifetime. A head injury can also result in TBI. This is an extreme case of brain injury which leads to partial non-functioning of the brain.

In the process of filing lawsuit, care must be taken to diagnose the injury and then present it accordingly. Brain injuries can generate a hefty compensation but can be complicated to properly present such cases.

  • Neck injury

These can have serious consequences as they have direct effect on the air passage and also the spinal cord. Major and minor injuries such as whiplash, disk injury and strain can be sustained in a car accident. In some cases, the neck suffers so much damage that it becomes difficult to rotate it.

An experienced car accident lawyer can facilitate fair compensation for the injuries sustained. Proper amount of compensation is the most important in case the injury has caused severe damage to the victim.

  • Fractures

Fractures in any body part, and especially in limbs, can leave a victim disabled for months. This often results in loss of income which can be claimed for reimbursement. Sometimes, in exceptional cases, a fracture keep a person from being able to return to his job. For example, if the legs of an athlete get damaged in a car accident, he is left incapable professionally. Such cases include heavy compensations due to loss of lifetime income source.

  • Face injuries

Injuries to the face may cause permanent disfigurement and loss of self-confidence for an individual. Compensations for expensive plastic surgeries may be necessary.

  • Mental trauma

Even if a person did not suffer physical damage, he can be traumatized due to the accident. In such cases, claims for psychological damages may be able to be filed.

Car Accident Lawyers

If you suffered serious injuries or a family member died in a car accident, contact an experienced car accident attorney.

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