Written by attorney Scott Brannen

College & Alcohol: There’s more at risk than your license

Being a Statesboro native, I have had the pleasure of seeing first hand how a thriving university can help a community. Many businesses in Statesboro and the surrounding area are reliant on the growing student population at Georgia Southern University. While students are definitely a driving force in our local economy, students also work with local businesses to gain experience through internships, and give back to our community through volunteerism and community support.

The student population at GSU is constantly expanding, and thus the University has proactive guidelines in place that students are expected to follow. These guidelines are called the Student Conduct Code, and are enforced by the Office of Student Conduct. Students are expected to follow this conduct code, and violating the code could result in not only legal consequences, but also disciplinary action from the University. Part I, section II of the Student Conduct Code states:

“Georgia Southern University students are expected to obey national, state, and local laws, to respect the rights of members of the campus community, and to accept responsibility for the consequences of their behavior. In the event students fail to demonstrate such behavior, Georgia Southern University reserves the right to take necessary and appropriate action to protect the safety and well-being of the campus community. Such action may include pursuing disciplinary action for violations of University rules and regulations, policies, violations of national, state, and local laws that occur on-campus, off-campus, or on the internet that adversely affects the educational interest of the University.

Georgia Southern University’s student conduct system is not a court of law. The Student Conduct Code is not written with the specificity of a criminal statute. In cases where civil or criminal proceedings also involve a violation of the Student Conduct Code, the University reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action against the student. Such action will be regarded as separate and distinct from proceedings in criminal or civil court and may be scheduled according to timelines that serve the interest of the University.”

Section VII of the Student Conduct Code highlights 31 different types of violations that may result in disciplinary action from the University. As a student at the University, you should know the conduct code well, especially when it comes to alcohol possession and use.

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