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Cocaine Smuggling, Drugs Found in "Diapers"

Posted by attorney Jeremy Geigle

Priscilla Pena and Michelle Blassingale tried to smuggle six kilograms of cocaine into New York from the Dominican Republic in handcrafted “diapers" worn under their pants. They thought stuffing their britches with the drug would allow them to get past authorities, but the two women didn’t get very far after JFK’s drug-sniffing dogs caught a whiff of their hidden stash.

Officers searched the women’s luggage, but found nothing. As they began to pat-down the suspects, they discovered the hidden cocaine in their lower-back region. The women were arrested and taken into custody on charges of smuggling cocaine.

Arizona law states that a person shall not knowingly:

-Possess or use a narcotic drug.

-Transport for sale, import into this state, offer to transport for sale or import into this state, sell, transfer, or offer to sell or transfer a narcotic drug.

In Arizona, transporting cocaine into the state is charged as a class 2 felony and can come with a minimum prison sentence of 5 years. In addition, those found guilty of transporting cocaine will be subjected to a fine of $1,000 or 3 times the monetary amount of the drugs seized, whichever is greater.

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