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City of Chicago Marijuana Possession Ordinance

Posted by attorney Salim Sheikh

Starting Aug. 4, 2012, police can issue tickets of $250 to $500 for someone caught with 15 grams or less of pot - the equivalent of about 25 cigarette-sized joints. Police can still arrest those who cannot produce identification or present a threat to public safety. Those cited would face fines of $200 to $500 dollars and up to 10 hours of community service; however, there would be no risk of jail time.

This is going to be a HUGE income generator for the city. Over 18,000 people a year are cited for Marijuana possession in the city of Chicago each year. If you do the math $250 x 18,000 = $4.5 mil a year. That number DOUBLES if the City fines offenders $500 each.

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