Written by attorney Brandi Nicole Buchenau

Cincinnati, Ohio Set Out Procedure

Once you have your court date and a writ is issued, the tenant will either leave voluntarily or will stay, forcing your to physically set them out. Set Out Procedure is essentially you, the landlord, contacting the Bailiff the day after the 3rd or 7th day of the writ, and asking to schedule a time to set out the tenant. In Hamilton County, you are required to bring people/employees to help move the property out, and boxes and/or garbage bags to put belongings in. They are put in the front yard and it is the tenant’s responsibility to remove them from the property. The Bailiff simply facilitates the procedure. You, as the landlord, WILL DO THE PHYSICAL moving of the property. Keep this in mind when determining how many people you want to help you with the set out. The more people, the faster the process goes.

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