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Choosing Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Posted by attorney Jeffrey Flores

When you have a personal injury case you're up against an insurance company that has made a business decision about you?

They have decided that your case doesn't have anything to do with fairness. It has to do with whether they can make you go away, whether they can make you, your lawyer, and others like and your lawyer go away.

There is a concerted effort by Insurance companies to drive down compensation for the most common injuries. Typically, those arising from car accidents. And that is how they do it. They force you to go to court or accept a lousy settlement.

The lawyer that represents you makes a statement about you and your case to the Insurance Company. If your lawyer is from a high volume personal injury-mill, the insurance company knows it will get a volume discount!

If your lawyer is a trial lawyer, he or she is a lawyer that can and will try the case. The Insurance company knows your lawyer is interested in fairness, in justice. Your lawyer won’t encourage you to accept a lousy settlement. Your lawyer will present your case to a jury. Your lawyer will fight, regardless of the Insurance Company’s business decision.

So, if you, or a loved one have been injured, what kind of lawyer do you want?

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