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Child Support in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, the court may order either parent to provide maintenance, support (including health insurance), and education for any minor child. The official Child Support Guidelines are presumed to be correct unless there is a showing that the amount would be unjust or inappropriate under the particular circumstances in a case. There is an official Child Support Guidelines Worksheet contained in the Appendix of Forms.

Massachusetts uses the percentage of income formula that determines child support as a percentage of the income of the parent obligated to pay it. This amount is determined by factoring the number of children requiring support. This is the most basic method for calculating support, and some people believe that it does not take into consideration many important details. This makes this model of support calculation the least exact.

Massachusetts child support is typically calculated by using a Child Support Worksheet. The worksheet generates an appropriate Massachusetts child support obligation according to each spouse's income and other relative numeric factors such as taxes paid and retirement contributions. Once this amount is determined it is essential to take a look at any appropriate Massachusetts child support deviation factors that may be applicable to the situation.

Divorce and child support are described in the Massachusetts General Laws Annotated; Chapter 208, Section 28 and Massachusetts Rules of Court; Appendix of Forms. Additional information about Massachusetts child support can be found in the state statutes.

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