Written by attorney Jeff Adrian Biddle

Child Support in Arizona - Computation of Time with Non Custodial Parent

In Arizona, parenting time is credited in full days and partial days, depending on the amount of time that is spent with the children. Below is a breakdown of how to determine how many days to count.

12+ hours: equals ONE day

6 to 11 hours: equals 1/2 day

3 to five hours: equals 1/4 day

The clock starts ticking at the time you have the children. So if you have them from 10 am on Saturday to 2 pm on Sunday, the total time is 28 hours (ONE DAY). It does NOT start over at midnight. So you would NOT calculate 14 hours on Saturday as one day and 14 hours on Sunday as an additional day.

Also, if you have one kid overnight but have FOUR kids, that would count as 1/4 day.

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