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Child Support Guideline Snafu

Posted by attorney Connie Stephens

Child Support Guideline Snafu

The most recent Child Support guideline statute took effect in January of 2011. This statute recognizes that a 20% [.20 x 365 days] overnight schedule reduces the obligor’s/payers child support obligation. Under the prior statute, a 40% [.40 x 365 days] overnight schedule was necessary to reduce the obligor’s child support obligation. However, in utilizing the most recent child support guideline statute in determining one’s child support obligation, there appears to be an inconsistency.

The problem occurs when the one party has significantly more income than the other or when the obligor has between 73 and 90 overnights. Under these circumstances, the obligor’s child support number is greater than under the prior statute, notwithstanding that the obligor has 20% of the overnights. This inconsistency can affect your case. There are options that can eviscerate this unfair and irrational snafu. Call the law firm of Connie R. Stephens PA for issues related to child support, dissolution of marriage, and family law.

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