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Child Prostitution Cases Investigated

Runaways are often forced into prostitution either by pimps or sometimes by circumstances. When I was working undercover as an APD VICE officer I concentrated on juvenile prostitution and was blown away by the number of under aged prostitutes I busted in a very short period of time. Runaways are often forced into prostitution either by pimps or sometimes by circumstances. In Austin, young males are as involved in juvenile prostitution as females are. We had a very active male street prostitution problem because many gay clubs were located close to one another and the juvenile prostitutes would hang out in the parking lots and street corners near the gay clubs. The young males would get picked up and often stay with the pedophiles for a period of days or weeks. The availability of drugs, alcohol and a free place to stay would keep the kids happy for some time. The females would usually be "kept" by a pimp and the working conditions that I learned about made me nauseous. I met "Candy" who told me that her pimp would take her to the Elgin "brickyard" on paydays and she would turn $20.00 tricks for as long as the men would line up. She told me that she turned as many as 50 tricks in a day with the undocumented workers. She was 15 years old, blonde, very pretty with a very mature body. Candy told me that in exchange for working for the pimp she would get free room and board, was taken to the mall to shop and was allowed to be one of the pimps sexual partners. I didn't think this sounded like that great of an exchange but evidently her home life was miserable. Miserable enough to make her accept this lifestyle instead. I busted a 14 year old girl out of El Paso one day and I had a difficult time understanding how she got mixed up in this business. She told me that at home she was forced to have sex with her dad, her uncles, her grandfather and a number of cousins whenever they wanted her. She figured at least as a street prostitute she was getting to keep some of the money her pimp received for her services. This girl was also turning anywhere from ten to twenty tricks a night on week nights and up to fifty tricks a day on Fridays and Saturdays. One disturbing trend was that the younger girls were not always able to make their tricks use condoms as they were not as street wise as the older hookers and were easily bullied and abused. The APD VICE Squad was able to start up the HOPE program in the 1980s to assist juvenile and other street prostitutes get off the streets and into a safe environment. It appears that programs like these are no longer available as the police departments in Austin and San Antonio don't seem too interested in helping these women and young boys break out of this hell on earth. It appears to be easier to spend money hunting down potential DWI arrests than helping out the truly vulnerable ones in our society. It brings a smile to my face to remember Sergeant Gene Freudenberg, Officer Earl Hall, Officer J.D. LaFosse and Officer Van Keller chasing pimps down the street and running "Johns" off after giving them world class butt chewing. They gave of themselves and spent time away from their families to help these young kids and women that were stuck in this deadly cycle of pain. In Austin, in the mid 1980?s the Austin VICE Squad cared more about helping people than just making arrest numbers. May God reveal and bless any officers today that carry on that tradition of caring. I wrote this legal guide after reading this story fromAustin police uncover child prostitution by JADE MINGUS / KVUE News A police sting undercovered child prostitution in Austin. Two people were arrested for the crime Quincy Gholar and Jennifer Russell. Police say they have been involved with escort services for the past four years in cities such as Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Austin. Police say they drove a 16-year-old girl to the La Quinta Inn motel on East Oltorf near Interstate 35 on Thursday night to meet an undercover cop for sex. Investigators do not know how the victim and the couple met. The teenager is an undocumented illegal immigrant from Mexico. Austin police say they were tipped off to a minor involved in prostitution. They found her ad on, a website similar to The girl went by the name, "Secret." She agreed to meet an undercover detective at a motel room and have sex with him for $150. Police say Gholar, Rusell and a 10-month-old baby were waiting outside in a green Buick. Police say Child Protective Services now has custody of the baby. Meanwhile, the teenager is staying at Garnder Betts Juvenile Center in Austin. Police are working with the US Attorney's Office to increase Gholar and Rusell's charges to human trafficking.

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