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Posted by attorney Dayn Holstrom

When a parent willfully fails to take proper care of a child, including shelter, food, medical care, clothes and supervision, it is known as child neglect. California law defines child abuse as a child who is physically injured by means other than by accident, a child who is subjected to unjustifiable punishment, a child who is exploited sexually or a child who is neglected by not receiving food, shelter, medical care, clothing or proper supervision. CPS is the major system of intervention for child who are neglected or abused in California. Their goal is to keep every child safe and if the child is not safe, to develop a plan to fix that quickly. When CPS receives a report of abuse or neglect, they immediately intervene by identifying the problem and documenting the case. If it is determined that the child should not remain in the home, he or she will be placed in foster care - consistent with the best interests of the child. Services are always provided to the child and family for a length determined. It is important to protect our children from abuse and/or neglect. If you suspect someone you know is in danger of being abused or neglected, a report should be filed with a qualified agency so they can investigate the situation. You can also contact a qualified Riverside Family Law attorney who will help you report this and get you through the emotional trauma.

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