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Child Abuse Relating to Family Law Disputes

Child abuse affects every aspect of our society. Charges or allegations of child abuse can play a significant role in the outcome of divorce proceedings and child custody disputes.

Child abuse and spousal abuse, otherwise known as domestic violence, are closely involved with family law matters. There are probably very few divorce attorneys who haven’t had to deal with child or spousal abuse in a divorce case. In fact, domestic violence convictions can and will steer the course for many divorce proceedings.

Concerns relating to child abuse are twofold. If you are being accused of child abuse, you can lose custody and visitation of your children indefinitely; where on the other hand, if your spouse or ex-spouse is physically, emotionally or sexually abusing your children, you will want to remove them from harm’s way.

Regardless of your position on the matter, you will need to be represented by a skilled and compassionate family attorney. There’s probably nothing quite as serious as child abuse and whether you fear that your children are being endangered or if you are being accused, the outcome can be devastating if nothing is done about the problem. Simply ignoring child abuse or allegations of child abuse will not make it go away.

If you are a victim of spousal abuse or if your children are victims of child abuse, a qualified attorney can help get you out of the dangerous situation. They can help you file any necessary restraining orders so your abuser can be ordered to stop the abuse. Your lawyer can also help you with the legal aspects pertaining to divorce, child custody and visitation. You don’t want to make an error during this crucial process that might aid the abuser and lessen your parental rights. Making a mistake will only do more harm than good and it can continue to place your child in a dangerous situation or environment.

If you were accused of child or spousal abuse, you will need legal representation as well. Unfortunately, parents are falsely accused of child abuse all the time. This is especially true in the cases of bitter breakups or contested divorces. Often times one parent will falsely accuse the other parent of physical or sexual abuse against themselves or their minor children in order to gain an edge in a child custody battle.

Since some statements may have little evidence to back them up, it’s crucial that you retain your own lawyer. In either of the two circumstances, an experienced attorney will know what steps will need to be taken in order to protect your legal and parental rights. There is probably nothing more sacred and worth protecting than your relationship with your children; the right lawyer will stop at nothing to preserve that relationship.

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