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Chicago Debt Collection Harassment - Tips to get even with Debt Collectors - Jeffrey Hyslip

Posted by attorney Jeffrey Hyslip

CW11 in New York was kind enough to interview me, Jeffrey Hyslip, on what consumers can do to fight back against Debt Collection Harassment. Although the story is about a New York consumer, the story is wholly applicable to consumers in Chicago. If you are getting harassed by debt collectors in Chicago - make sure you hire a Chicago consumer protection attorney. Search online, or on for an attorney that has experience fighting back against debt collection harassment in Chicago.

Debt collectors in Chicago are expecting you won't find back. Show them they are wrong.

For more information, or for a FREE referral to a reputable attorney in your area visit or

Although Chicago debt collection harassment is common, debt collectors harass consumers across the country. The FDCPA is a federal law that protects consumers, and forces chicago debt collectors to pay money to chicago consumers that they harass.

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