Written by attorney Jeff Adrian Biddle

Causes of Divorce: Differences in Parenting Styles

Different parenting styles can cause strife in marriage and lead to divorce. I have seen differences in ideas of child rearing cause more divorces than other reasons. There are many parenting books to consider reading and adopting the strategies in the books prior to considering divorce. If a complaint is that the responsibilities are not shared equally, write down the responsibilities and devise a plan to share them fairly. Often parents assume different roles in parenting the children. Respect these roles but also discuss them. You may discover that the roles you have both assumed are not the ones you would like to be responsible for. Just because you have done things a certain way in the past does not mean that you cannot change the way you parent your children. It is better to communicate and attempt to solve parenting issues instead of divorcing and finding out that you both now have to fulfill BOTH roles.

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