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Causes and effects of swimming pool and drowning accidents

Water sports and swimming have always been popular in the United States as public access to oceans, rivers and lakes has existed for as long as our country has been around. Public swimming pools and private swimming pools are virtually everywhere. Water parks are a relatively new addition to our water recreation landscape and offer children and families an opportunity to spend a day in and around the water. But for as much fun as water provides, danger is an ever-present risk as well.

Water related injuries and deaths can happen to anyone, even accomplished swimmers. They can happen to adults, teenagers or children and may result for any number of reasons ranging from unexpected falls into the water to lack of swimming skills. Some of the most common causes of swimming pool and drowning accidents include:

  • Property owners who fail to take proper precautions to secure their property by means of gates, locks, fences and swimming pools covers to prevent children or uninvited guests from gaining access thereby giving rise to a premises liability claim
  • Property owners, whether private homeowners, hotels, motels, condominium or apartment complexes, who fail to take notice of potential problems in existing security measures such as broken locks, fence latches or broken fences
  • Property owners or neighbors who give unsupervised access of swimming facilities to children or intoxicated people
  • Commercial or public pools that fail to properly staff lifeguards, that provide lifeguards that are negligent in their duties, or fail to post warnings that no lifeguard is on duty
  • Injury or death resulting from water slides or other high speed water rides
  • Serving of alcoholic beverages to those swimming or knowledge that swimmers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs but still provide access

Most drowning accidents could have been prevented if the property owners had exercised proper care and supervision of those utilizing the facilities. Injured swimmers may suffer severe life changing injuries including traumatic brain injuries due to deprivation of oxygen.

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