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Cataract Surgery Gone Wrong...Really Wrong

Cataract Surgery Gone Wrong...Really Wrong

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She only had a little blurriness in one eye.

The eye doctor told her she had a cataract. That meant that the lens was becoming cloudy. If she did not have surgery now, it would only get worse. The doctor told her she definitely needed surgery.

Waiting was not an option.

After surgery, the patient returned to the office for follow-up and when the doctor removed the eye patch the patient was unable to see very well. The lens that he put in was not the correct power that should have been used.

The only way to correct this problem was to go back into surgery and swap out the lenses. This is known as an intraocular lens exchange.

During the second surgery the doctor now encountered a significant complication and had difficulty getting out the first intraocular lens from the patient's eye. This was definitely not good.

Watch the video to learn what happened...

Here's the article describing in detail what happened in this cataract surgery case:

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