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Car Emergency Checklist

If you should get into an auto accident, here are the things you will want to have with you
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Anyone who drives a motor vehicle may potentially find themselves in an emergency while on the road. A vehicle-related situation may be as minor as a flat tire or a battery that's in need of charging. Other car emergencies can be more severe, while some may even potentially be life-threatening, such as a collision or being stranded in severe weather conditions or in a remote area. Whether major or minor, the types of emergencies that drivers may find themselves in are numerous and often can results in car accidents. For that reason, it is important that everyone who owns and drives a vehicle has an emergency kit.

An emergency car kit is a box, a bag, or some other type of container that is filled with items that drivers can use to repair their vehicle, alert drivers to their presence, or provide comfort or care to anyone who may be in the vehicle at the time. It is important that drivers know what must-have items to keep on hand every time they get behind the wheel of a car. It is just as important that drivers know what items are optional or seasonal, as certain items may be a necessity in the winter but have little importance in the summer months.

Must-Haves for Emergency Kits

Optional/Seasonal Items

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