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Caps on Damages in Medical Malpractice Cases Harm Patients and do not Reduce Premiums

Posted by attorney Steven Weinberg

In 1975, the California Legislature past a law known as MICRA, which among other things limits the compensation (damages) a victim of medical malpractice or their surviving family may obtain to $250,000.00 for non-economic damages for pain and suffering, or in the case of the death of a family member for loss of love and affection. These human damages are the real loss victims and their family members suffer when a doctor is negligent. There are no similar limitations on damages for injuries due to any other type of negligence in California. Studies have shown that these caps on damages harm victims and do not reduce the premiums doctors pay for medical malpractice insurance. The MICRA caps have never been increased for inflation. The $250,000.00 limit in 1975 dollars is now the equivalent of about $61, 383.00 in 2009 dollars. The tragic consequences of the MICRA limitations are seen first hand in the award winning video, “The Truth about MICRA". For more information about the unfair MICRA limits and what you can do about them contact California Medical Malpractice Lawyer Steven Weinberg 888-381-0561.

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