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Can't ever talk to your Attorney? It's time to look elsewhere!

Posted by attorney Christopher Zachar

Can't ever talk to your Attorney? Always re-routed to an Assistant?

It's time to look elsewhere!

FACTS: You are involved in a personal injury claim matter. You hire an attorney, and maybe get to speak to him/her in an initial meeting. Since then, you never hear from your attorney. All communications get routed to an office assistant. No matter what you do, the only voice you hear (if you hear one at all) is an assistant’s.

One word of advice: RUN!

There are many commercials, advertisements and other media resources that many law firms use that claim they help “protect your rights" and help you recover when you have been injured due to another’s negligence.

In a wreck, need a check?

One call, that’s all!

Lower fees—it’s about time!

But what happens when you actually call one of these firms and only speak with a legal assistant, but never an actual attorney. Is this a good sign? What do you do when you repeatedly ask to speak with your attorney, but are denied. Can you trust the person you are talking to?

If your attorney is too busy to get on the phone when you call, too busy to return your calls or too busy to ever meet with you, he/she is probably too busy to work your case. Is that the type of attorney you are looking for, one who is going to leave it to assistants who probably have no more (and maybe less) education than you do? I thought you called the “law firm" to speak with a professional who is educated in the law? Is it good enough then that the professionals are too busy for you?

These kinds of concerns are real. These types of situations happen more often than you might think. If you have ever used the services of a big advertising firm, you probably understand this article very well.

QUESTION: Can you do anything about it?

ANSWER: You bet you can.

You always have the right to seek other counsel for your case. The ethical rules of Arizona prohibit attorneys from “contracting" with you and “locking you in" to their services. Fee agreements in personal injury cases should specifically state that if you decide to seek representation elsewhere, you have that right.

The No. 1 biggest client complaint islack of communication". Most if not all attorneys know this. So what do they really think of you or your case, and what should you do if they fail or refuse to meet with you, speak with you or return a phone call or email?

Run. Don’t walk. Run...

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