Written by attorney Joseph Christian Grasmick


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(Copyright, Joseph C. Grasmick) Canada to U.S. Business Immigration, Home Page B-1 Business Visitor-Quick Immigration Permit for Canadian Business Needs E-2 Investor-Long-lasting U.S. Visa for Canadian Inves-tors L-1 Home Page-Intra-company Transferee: Corner-stone of Canada to U.S. Business Immigration TN NAFTA Home Page: A U.S. Immigration Permit for Canadians Grasmick's TN Handbook for Canadians---Information Page H-1B Professional-U.S. Immigration Permit for Univer-sity Degree Professions; Information for Canadians Exporting Canadian Construction Services to the U.S.A. ---The Immigration Angle Other Avvo Guides: How Canadians Retire in the United States TEN REASONS CANADIANS SHOULD GO FOR THE GREEN CARD NOW Advantages of Dual Canadian/American Citizenship See these questions on the “FAQ: Canada to U.S. Immigration for Businesses and Professionals” at : 11. Can I use the National Interest Waiver to avoid an individual Labor Certification for my Green Card? 12. Can I keep my Green Card while working abroad? . . . 14. Why should we go through the hassle of hiring a Canadian for the job? 15. How can I convince the employer to sponsor me? 16. Can I keep both, the U.S. Green Card and Cana-dian Landed Immigrant status? 17. My company feels that a Green Card is a passport to leave and are "sitting on the fence" as far as helping me. What can I do? Also, see “U.S. Citizenship for Canadians” (the “Dual Citizenship”) page: Advantages of Citizenship for the ultimate goal of many Canadians. "Grasmick's U.S. Visa Selector-Interactive Flowchart for Canadians" at is a “quick and dirty way” for a Canadian to identify tem-porary and permanent immigration options. Consult, via with: Joseph C. Grasmick Business Immigration for Canadians Law Office of Joseph C. Grasmick 300 International Drive Williamsville, NY 14221 U.S.A. Phone: (716) 842-3100 E-mail: [email protected]

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