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Can my marriage or domestic partnership be annulled? - Orange County divorce attorneys

Posted by attorney Bettina Yanez

Can my marriage or domestic partnership be annulled? - Orange County divorce attorneys

An annulment or Nullity of domestic partnership is a court procedure by which your marriage or domestic partnership is viewed as not to be lawful for certain reasons which are discussed below.

Once an annulment is allowed it is like you were never married or in a domestic partnership because the union was not legally recognized.

A marriage or domestic partnership can be null and void if any of the next pertains:

  1. Bigamy - If married or in a registered domestic partnership with someone else when he or she married you; or

  2. Incest - if the parties are blood relatives;

  3. If a party was under the age of 18 (Some exceptions may apply here) at the time of the marriage or registered domestic partnership;

  4. If any of the individuals were of “unsound mind" or incapable of understanding the marriage or domestic relations process and the obligations of entering into the bond.

  5. If the parties entered into the union due to fraud. For example, the parties married in order to obtain residency;

  6. The parties were forced to marry;

  7. Physical incapacity preventing consummation and the inability seems to be incurable;

  8. Prior marriage or domestic partnership where the spouse is absent for a period of 5 years and presumed dead.

If you discover yourself in need of an annulment you ought to see a family law divorce attorney because in order for an annulment to be allowed you must demonstrate to the court that you meet one of the conditions listed above.

Getting an annulment will also involve any community property rights to possessions, debts, pensions and the right to obtain partner or spousal support.

It is for these reasons that one should check with a knowledgeable family law attorney about your annulment matter.

To schedule a free consultation with an experienced annulment Attorney in Orange County California, please contact the Orange County Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates.

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