Written by attorney Marcus Bazzell Boston | Aug 12, 2016

Can I Get A Second Medical Opinion If I Think It Is Best For Me?

Can I get a second medical opinion is a question that we are asked more times than you would expect. For some people who are struggling with a medical condition the answer to this question can mean the difference between successful treatment and non-successful treatment.

The purpose of this Maryland medical malpractice educational article is to explain to those in this situation that there is hope and that in most cases you have a choice.


Can I get a second medical opinion Mr. Boston? This is the ultimate question but how we usually see it is when a person feels that their doctor is not listening to their complaints. Something as simple as “my doctor is cutting me off every time I try to tell him about my pain” will eventually erode the level of trust a patient may have in their doctor.

For patients who feel this way, as they have reported to me in the past, this feeling of eroded trust can lead the patient to wonder if there is something wrong with them.


The simple answer to the above question is that in general yes you can get a second medical opinion. Remember, your doctor’s opinion is one opinion of many. Another doctor may agree with your doctor just like another doctor may not agree. The point is that if you think that you need to get your current doctor’s opinion reviewed that is your choice.

When I have a client who I conclude does not have a good Maryland medical malpractice case I am sure to advise them that my opinion is just that, my legal opinion. Another Maryland medical malpractice lawyer might come to a difference conclusion and if they want to run their situation by another lawyer, by all means go ahead!


If you would like to speak with me further about a medical injury, or your child’s birth injury, this is what I invite you to do.

Pick up the phone and give me a call. It costs you nothing to just call me.

I can be reached at 301-850-4832.

I answer Maryland birth injury and medical malpractice questions like yours all the time and I would be happy to listen to your story.

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