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California Vehicle Code 23572, DUI & Minor Passenger Under 14

Posted by attorney Randy Collins

What Is DUI & Minor Passenger Under 14

There are numerous aggravating factors of DUI, one of which is driving with a minor passenger under the age of fourteen. In some instances, defendants can also be charged with child endangerment.

Determining Factors of California Vehicle Code 23572

Before any case can be brought to court, there are factors of the crime that will need to be verified. DUI with a minor under 14 is no different, and these factors include:

· The accused was intoxicated while driving

· At the time of drinking and driving, a minor passenger under 14 was in the vehicle

It should be noted that felony or misdemeanor charges are determined by specific circumstances of the case, and the court will deliberate on these, before reaching a conclusion.

Penalties and Fines California Vehicle Code 23572

The fines and punishments for DUI with a minor under 14 if convicted, include:

California DUI Sentencing:

Jail: Up to 6 months | Fines: up to $1,000 | Informal Probation: 3-5 Years | Suspension of Driver’s License | DUI School


· 1ST DUI – Jail: An Additional Two Days

· 2nd DUI – Jail: An Additional Ten Days

· 3RD DUI – Jail: An Additional Thirty Days

· 4th DUI – Jail: An Additional Ninety Days

How to Hire a Law Firm forCalifornia Vehicle Code 23572

If you’ve been arrested for California DUI & Minor Passenger Under 14, get in touch with MacGregor and Collins at 949-250-6097 as soon as possible. A lawyer can help to prove your innocence in commonly arrested DUI cases. Examples include having a high blood alcohol count due to illness or a dental filling, just for illustrative purposes.

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