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California Vehicle Code 20002 A

What’s Defined as California Misdemeanor Hit and Run?

A misdemeanor hit and run charge is determined by whether an accident took place, and most likely a property or car was damaged. In felony hit and run cases under California laws, is if someone was injured or killed.

The elements of this crime include that the defendant was aware that an accident took place, but failed to report this, or stop at the time. The prosecution will have to prove that the defendant was driving the car at the time of an accident.

The name, address and vehicle registration are required at the time of an accident. It’s also important to note that regardless of who is guilty for causing the accident, it’s the responsibility of all drivers to perform these duties under California law.

California’s Penalties for Misdemeanor Hit and Run under California Vehicle Code 20002

This is a serious crime, as it’s normally filed as a misdemeanor offense, which warrants:

· Up to one year in jail and an informal probation

· Compensation for damages

· 2 points off the driver’s license

Legal Defenses for Misdemeanor Hit and Run

There are several defenses that a skilled lawyer can present for such hit and run cases. In addition, it could possibly be reduced to an infraction. Common defenses include mistaken identity, not being aware of the responsibilities held by drivers at the time of an accident and more.

MacGregor and Collins is based in Orange County, California, and has effectively defended several types of hit and run cases. If you’ve been arrested for Misdemeanor Hit and Run or one that entailed aggravating factors such as DUI or injury, call (949) 250-6097 to speak to a California defense lawyer now. We’ve set up several locations throughout Orange County for your convenience.

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