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California Vehicle Code 20001 A

What’s Defined as California Felony Hit and Run?

A Felony hit and run charge is determined by whether an accident took place, and most likely a property or car was damaged. In felony hit and run cases under California laws, someone would have been injured or killed.

The elements of this crime include that the defendant knew that a motor vehicle accident transpired and someone was injured, but the scene was fled anyway.

What Are The Responsibilities of Drivers At An Accident?

Drivers need to help those who are injured, if it simply means calling 911.

As such, it’s also the duty of drivers to notify local authorities of an accident, big or small

The identifying information of each driver will need to be presented. This includes the name, address, and the vehicle registration numbers.

California’s Penalties for Felony Hit and Run under California Vehicle Code 20001

This is a serious crime, as it’s normally filed as a Felony offense, if someone suffered injuries:

· Up to one year in jail or sixteen months, two or three years in prison

· Fines between $1000 and $10,000

· Compensation for damages

· 2 points off the driver’s license

If someone was killed or seriously injured, the penalties are:

· Up to two, three or four years in prison

· Fines between $1000 and $10,000

· Compensation for damages

· 2 points off the driver’s license

Legal Defenses for Felony Hit and Run

Do you consider yourself to be a fugitive for a hit and run accident? Is the state police coming after you? Do you feel a moral obligation to confess to a crime? Lawyers advise that you exercise your right to remain silent at the scene of an accident and speak to an attorney first. If you are however being pursued for a hit and run charge, a lawyer can possibly help to reduce a felony offense to a misdemeanor if you’re guilty, or prove your innocence if you’re not.

A defense attorney can additionally help to protect your rights for all types of offenses, including hit and run.

MacGregor and Collins is based in Orange County, California, and has effectively defended several types of hit and run cases. If you’ve been arrested for Felony Hit and Run or one that entailed aggravating factors such as DUI or injury, call (949) 250-6097 to speak to a California defense lawyer now. We’ve set up several locations throughout Orange County for your convenience.

See a comprehensive library of California Section Penal Codes here.

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