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California Possession of a Controlled Substance

Posted by attorney Randy Collins

What’s Defined as California Possession of a Controlled Substance?

For police investigators who find that someone has in their possession a form of controlled substance, the owner may be found guilty of Possession of a Controlled Substance. Some examples of these substances include heroin or cocaine. Sometimes even a prescription drug such as Vicodin can fall into this category, if the owner does not have a valid prescription.

The elements of this crime include that the defendant was found with a controlled substance; and was aware that it was illegal and indeed a controlled substance. In addition, if a defendant for example ingested the substance upon being summoned by a police or investigator, the defendant can still be trialed for this crime.

California’s Penalties for Possession of a Controlled Substance under Health and Safety Code 11350

This is a serious crime, as it’s normally filed as a felony offense, which warrants either:

· Up to one year in jail and a probation, or

· Up to sixteen months, two or three years in prison

Legal Defenses for Possession of a Controlled Substance

Despite the intensity of this crime, there are several defenses that a skilled lawyer can present for such cases. In addition, alternative sentencing can be pursued, bases on a simple possession. Common defenses include mistaken identity, illegal search and seizures, a valid prescription was issued, among others.

The alternative sentencing described above includes California’s drug diversion program. If someone simply had the substance for personal use rather than resale, a skilled lawyer can work toward a drug diversion program instead of standard penalties.

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See a comprehensive library of California Section Penal Codes here.

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