Written by attorney Steve C. Vondran

California Fair Use Lawyer

Many people are trying to create and build their Youtube channels in this age of new media where ANYONE can become an online expert, pundit, reporter, journalist, or even entertainer. Many times my clients want to use music, sound effect, video clips, photographs and other copyrighted content belonging to third parties and want to use short clips (2-3 seconds) without obtaining permission of the copyright holder. In some cases this could be perfectly legal as a "fair use" under the Federal Copyright laws. Keep in mind (most people forget) this is a LEGAL RIGHT written into the copyright laws. This video discusses how to use a disclaimer at the beginning on your videos to try to put copyright holders on notice of your position that your video is protected by the fair use laws. This is not a California law, this is a federal. This is something all copyright holders should take note of before before even considering sending a DMCA "take down" notice to Youtube, Vimeo or some other video platform.

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Here are a few more FAIR USE resources that may help you understand the Four Factor Test, transformative uses, parody and other important legal concepts.

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