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California Assault Laws

Posted by attorney Randy Collins

What is California Assault?

Assault in the general sense is acting in such a way that someone could get hurt. It could be swinging a bat, a knife, even a pencil, with the intent to hurt the person being targeted. If there’s an injury, it is then classified as a battery. Both are punished by up to six months in jail within the state of California. Battery is fined by up to $2,000, while Assault is penalized by $1,000.

If the victim were to suffer serious bodily injury, it is then charged as Aggravated Battery, in which case, the penalties would increase to up to one year in jail, and a thousand dollars in fines.

Other instances of assault sentencing enhancement include using a deadly weapon.

Other forms of assault include sexual assault, or assault that involves domestic partners. In this event, the prosecution would handle the case as a domestic assault, which carries its own set of fines under California law.

It’s imperative to contact a lawyer if you or someone you know has been falsely accused of domestic violence. This is due to the fact that a guilty verdict can strip defendants of freedom, money and their reputation. Those found guilty will have to face life with a criminal record – until it can be expunged. In addition, many assault cases, even simple assault or simple battery is regarded as crimes involving moral turpitude.

How to Hire a Orange County Law Firm for Assault:

If you’ve been charged or are under suspicion of Assault, Call MacGregor and Collins at 949-250-6097 today. A lawyer can help to prove your innocence, and/or reduce sentencing.

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