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CA Lemon Law Remedies - what can a consumer expect to recover when making a lemon law claim?

Posted by attorney Hovanes Margarian

This video is a general overview of the remedies available under the CA Lemon Law. In other words how much the consumer is entitled to receive back upon surrendering his/her defective vehicle back to the manufacturer. The calculation is made pursuant to the instructions in the statute however the statute does provide for payment of the consumer's attorney's fees by the manufacturer thus there is absolutely no reason why a consumer should try to figure out his/her refund amount without an attorney. Included in our free evaluation of your file is a free computation of your expected refund amount if the vehicle is determined to be a lemon. For more details please visit With specific questions about the CA Lemon Law or your vehicle please call 818.990.0418 for a free consultation. We represent clients all across California. If you are not sure if your vehicle qualifies for a refund you may simply fax us (818.990.1418) your purchase or lease contract along with all your repair orders and we will do a free evaluation and inform you if you have a case.

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