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Business Litigation in Maryland

Posted by attorney John Brennan

The Baltimore Jewish Times, established in 1919, has been the subject of a contentious legal saga with its former printer and main creditor. The case has included bankruptcy filings as well as corporate and personal lawsuits. A U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge said from the bench that the case looks more like a divorce than a bankruptcy. The newspaper filed for bankruptcy protection due to a lawsuit filed by its creditor. Apparently the personal aspect stems from the long relationship between the people involved on both sides of the dispute. Several generations of the families involved have known each other and in some cases have gone to the same schools. Also, the Baltimore Jewish Times has supporters in the public who see it as an asset for the community. The judge has stated that he will only approve a bankruptcy plan that will allow the Baltimore Jewish Times to survive.

Complex Civil Cases in Court

Brennan Lynch LLP is a Maryland law firm whose experienced civil litigation lawyers can untangle complicated legal issues and find solutions for your legal problems. If you are faced with a complex legal matter such as the one described above, you should have insightful legal advice tailored to your situation and an understanding of the law that applies to your matter. If litigation is necessary, you will need aggressive and skillful representation that applies experience gained through a wide range of practice. Your attorney should be familiar with both the law and strategies that are best suited to the type of matter that you need to have resolved. If you are considering obtaining legal advice for your business, you should contact Brennan Lynch LLP before taking steps that may complicate or compromise your business or legal position.

Consequences of Business Litigation

In the process of operating a business, you may encounter difficult and perplexing legal problems. These problems can have the effect of distracting you from your main business activities and production, which are the source of your ability to operate profitably. You are not in business to have legal problems and aggravation, but to successfully serve your customers and clients. For this reason and for your peace of mind you should get the best advice and representation possible. Brennan Lynch LLP can help you with your business legal needs and will provide you the counsel you need to know that your situation is under control.

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