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Business Litigation: From the Attorneys of Cantwell & Goldman, P.A.

Posted by attorney Michael Kelley

Anyone who does business is likely to encounter disputes sooner or later, either with suppliers, distributors, competitors, or customers. While these and other disagreements may simply come with the territory, it is important that a business facing potential litigation consult an experienced business litigation attorney as soon as possible in order weigh options, develop a strategy, and attempt to resolve the dispute without going through protracted legal proceedings in front of a court. However, it is critical to retain counsel that has the ability to effectively litigate your case in court if attempts to settle the dispute informally do not succeed.

At Cantwell & Goldman, P.A., our Brevard County business litigation lawyers represent clients across the full spectrum of legal matters affecting their businesses, including those involving litigation. We provide aggressive representation and vigorously seek to achieve our clients' goals in a skillful and timely manner.

Business litigation can arise out of a number of different matters, from contract disputes and shareholder disagreements to those involving creditors and debtors. The issues that come up may depend on the nature of the business and the industry in which it operates. Entities that are involved in construction, for example, are often forced to litigate conflicts about change orders, liens, and performance bonds, among other disagreements. There are also various legal concerns that can affect a wide array of companies, such as commercial real estate affairs related to leases, zoning, and land use. In addition, businesses across industries regularly rely on certain legal theories - breach of contract, trade infringement, fraud, negligence, etc. - to pursue an assortment of claims.

It is crucial for businesses to understand that full-blown litigation is one way to resolve a dispute, but it isn't the only way. In our extensive business law experience, we have found that sometimes even the most contentious disagreements can be addressed in a mutually agreeable fashion through mediation, arbitration, and settlement. Other times, however, litigation may simply be unavoidable.

Our east-central Florida business attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and ability to provide businesses with the support and counsel they need when facing potential litigation, whether the matter ultimately goes to trial or can be otherwise resolved. We provide personalized legal services, taking the time to explain the factual and legal issues, the strengths and weaknesses, and the potential costs and probable outcomes of every case we handle.

Representing businesses and individuals in Brevard County and throughout the Space Coast for approximately three decades, we work diligently to obtain the best possible results. We are skilled negotiators who endeavor to resolve disputes without costly litigation, but who count among our ranks experienced litigators who stand ready to pursue claims in court when necessary.

If your business is involved in a dispute, or if you are concerned about the potential legal implications of certain activities, contact the Brevard County business litigation attorneys at Cantwell & Goldman, P.A. Whether your business law matter involves a construction dispute, a non-compete agreement lawsuit, or another issue, you can depend on us for aggressive, results-oriented advocacy. Attorney Matthew J. Monaghan, who serves as general corporate counsel for a number of local businesses, is available for consultations. Call our Cocoa office at 321-639-1320 or contact us online.

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