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Business Law Services from Cantwell & Goldman, P.A.

Posted by attorney Hanna Manzur

Complete Legal Service for East-Central Florida Businesses

If you operate a small or medium-sized business, there is a good chance you will, at some point, need a business lawyer.

At Cantwell & Goldman, P.A., we routinely assist businesses of differing sizes and at different growth stages. If you are starting a business, our experienced Brevard County attorneys can assist you in selecting the best type of business entity, drafting and filing formation documents and drafting and reviewing contracts, as well as buying and selling a business.

Our Business Law Services | Cocoa Small Business Attorneys

Our business lawyers can assist your business or corporation in the following ways:

  • Establishment. Our attorneys can help you select the best type of business entity, draft and file your business formation documents so you can establish a corporation, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company (LLC) or other business entity. We can advise you on properly structuring your new business, drafting your founding documents and completing required state and federal filings. We are especially good with tax issues.
  • Succession planning. We help family-owned businesses, corporations and other business entities develop plans for when their leaders retire or pass on.
  • Dissolutions. If you need to ease a business out of existence, our lawyers can help you do it with minimal legal complication and hassle.
  • Purchases and sales. We help individuals sell or buy businesses, real estate, equipment and other assets. We also assist small businesses in loan transactions, mergers, acquisitions and raising capital. We can deftly represent your business in negotiations, creating and reviewing agreements, and in litigation.
  • Contract drafting. Our lawyers draft and review non-compete agreements, separation agreements, buyout agreements, shareholder agreements, purchase agreements, sales agreements and other contracts that affect your business interests.
  • Contract negotiations. For a contract to be meaningful, it needs to represent the interests of both sides. We have years of local experience in helping clients forge agreements that do this while serving their core business interests.
  • Tax and regulatory consulting. Our attorneys have extensive education and experience in business tax and regulatory matters. We can help your business avoid unwelcome surprises from tax authorities.
  • General advising. Our decades of experience enable us to advise local businesses on a wide variety of issues. It is safe to say that if your business faces a legal challenge, we have successfully helped another business through that challenge before.
  • Litigation and Settlement. Our attorneys assist businesses in resolving contract disputes through negotiations and in-court processes. We also can represent your business in any form of commercial litigation.

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