Written by attorney Robert Bamberger Greiwe

BRP's Multiple Safety Recalls Not Enough to Protect Motorcyclists from Dangerous Accidents

A three-wheeled motorcycle called the Can-Am Spyder has had multiple safety recalls issued for it by its parent company, BRP. While all recalls are unnerving, two separate recalls relating to the same issue is particularly troubling. Twice, BRP issued safety recalls on its electronic power steering system - known as Dynamic Power Steering.

The Dynamic Power Steering system is among the first of its kind. An electronic power steering system, it differs from the power steering found on your vehicle. Traditional power steering involves vacuums and hoses that assist the driver in generating power to make steering easier. The Dynamic Power Steering system uses an electronic motor that applies power to help steer the motorcycle.

What is specifically troubling about the Dynamic Power Steering in Can-Am Spyders is that, when the electronic motor overheats, it automatically shuts off. This causes the handlebars to lock temporarily. Another troubling issue with the power steering heater is, as it heats up, it slowly reduces the amount of power being sent to the electronic motor. This reduction in power causes the user to apply more force or effort to turn the motorcycle. This inconsistent feedback from the power steering motor and handlebars creates a tricky and dangerous situation for the riders of Can-Am Spyders.

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