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Broward County Florida Courthouse's Toxic Mold Alleged to be Cause of Employees' Illnesses

Allegations contained in lawsuits from 19 past and present employees who worked in the Broward Countycourthouse claim toxic substances in the building are have made them sick. The injured employees claim the courthouse, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is contaminated with toxic mold and asbestos.

The plaintiffs are being represented by former state Senator and attorney Skip Campbell who stated in a newspaper article that he believes Broward County has, "totally neglected this courthouse." Allegedly, the downtown Fort Lauderdale courthouse has toxic fibers and mold in the air. These dangerous materials are exposing both employees and the public to health risks. Attorney Campbell is quoted as saying the county is, "...not doing their job."

The plaintiffs who have been exposed to the alleged toxic substances are seeking medical care, financial compensation and asked that all employees be removed from the alleged sick building.

Two years ago the Broward County commissioners were in agreement to destroy the 50 year-old building and construct a new $328 million dollar courthouse. However, the new building remains in limbo while potential new exposure claims are pending. At a public hearing held two years ago attorney Howard Pomerantz said that, "People are afraid to go in there," and that, "I can't imagine how people who are considering becoming judges in the future feel, putting their health at issue coming in to this building." Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs said, "Everybody agrees it's a sick building." Clerk of Courts Howard Forman said before the commission's "yes" vote (to rebuild the building) that, "it hasn't been maintained well. I mean, that's no secret."

In the article, Broward County officials advised the newspaper that the courthouse is a, "safe place to work" and that documents filed by the County with the court denies the presence of asbestos and toxic mold.

Literally thousands of people enter the Broward County courthouse on a daily basis. These individuals enter into areas that the lawsuits allege were damaged from water intrusion going back as far as the 2005 hurricanes. Circuit Judge Cheryl Aleman, who died a year ago of an aggressive form of lung cancer, courtroom was stripped and remediated. Judge Mel Grossman's office was flooded and completely repaired.

Toxic exposure does not always produce an immediate visible or identifiable symptom. Employees in a sick building or workplace may never realize the cause of their medical condition until long after the initial exposure. The effects of a chemical or toxic exposure can be far reaching and devastating. Asbestos exposures can cause a debilitating and potentially deadly lung disease called mesothelioma. Welders are often exposed to toxic fumes linked to Parkinson's disease and welder's syndrome, a condition that can cause the shakes, depression, and speech and balance problems.

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