Written by attorney Mitchell Scott Sexner

Blood Transfusion Error Medical Malpractice

Blood transfusions are routinely performed for a wide variety of reasons, including anemia, bone marrow failure, or low hemoglobin. Often, a transfusion is necessary due to blood loss due to trauma, during heart and other organ transplant surgery, or for treatment of diseases or cancers such as leukemia. Unfortunately, many people suffer serious illnesses or die each year due to blood transfusion errors.

Some of the most common blood transfusion errors include:

  • Failure to screen for diseases such as AIDS or hepatitis
  • Failure to obtain informed consent for transfusion
  • Failure to recognize symptoms or signs of adverse reaction
  • Multiple simultaneous transfusions
  • Insufficient or improperly trained staff
  • Improper refrigeration or storage of blood
  • Incorrect labeling or blood typing
  • Transfusion of wrong blood

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