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Blanket L visa

L-1 Visa Requirements in general

The L-1 visa requires (1) a foreign company and a U.S. company to be related as a parent, branch, subsidiary or affiliate; (2) the companies must be currently doing business; (3) the employee must have at least one year of executive, managerial or specialized knowledge experience with the foreign company; and (4) the employee must be employed as an executive, manager, or in a specialized knowledge position with the U.S. company.

L-1 Blanket Requirements

(1) must have an office in theU.S.for one year;

(2) Have 3 or more domestic and foreign branches, subsidiaries or affiliates;


Combined U.S.annual sales of $25 million; or U.S. workforce of 1,000 employees; or

10 L-1 petitions approved in the previous 12 months.

Blanket Visa

Blanket L approval is requested from theCISRegionalServiceCenterhaving jurisdiction over The petition may be granted for an initial period of 3 years. Extensions may be granted for an indefinite period.

Approval of the Blanket Visa

After blanket L approval, individual L-1 visa petitions are no longer required. Documentation of executive, managerial or specialized knowledge professional qualifications must be provided in each case at the time of visa application with theU.S.consulate or embassy.

L-1B specialized knowledge under the blanket L. Blanket L procedures can only be used for specialized knowledge positions that are “professional." Professional is interpreted to mean a position which requires a university degree and that employee must have that degree.

Changes in Blanket L Visa

A new or amended blanket petition is required where a merger, acquisition or change in ownership occurs. A new or amended petition is not required when the beneficiary changes job duties or transfers from one firm to another within the same company.

USCIS Blanket L Revocation

The Service will revoke an approved blanket petition if none of the qualifying organizations in a blanket petition have transferred an employee pursuant to the blanket petition in three consecutive years. This includes blanket petitions with indefinite approvals.

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