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Bite Back - Hotel Bed Bug Lawsuits

Bite Back - Chicago Hotel Bed Bug Lawsuits

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Chicago hotels and housing complexes have been exposed recently as having the highest rate of bed bug infestations in the United States, not exactly a category to be proud of. Even worse yet is when guests of those hotels wake up with countless swollen bites from the tiny bugs, or bring them home to infest their own mattresses, box springs, furniture, and clothing. The experience of waking up in a hotel overwhelmed with bites can be terrifying, especially for parents of young children. The expense of remedying the damage and preventing or cleaning up an infestation that you bring home with you can be costly.

Litigation in Chicago, Illinois has recently returned verdicts upwards of $200,000 for victims of bed bug bites and bed bug infestations. However, there are certain steps you have to take to ensure you will be able to prove your claim and damages at trial. Here is a list of the ten steps to take immediately after bed bugs attack.

TEN STEPS TO TAKE IMMEDIATELY AFTER BEDBUGS ATTACK: 1. Seek medical attention; let a doctor observe and diagnose the bites. 2. Take photographs of the bites as soon as you discover them - be sure to photograph all bites, not just some. 3. Lodge a written complaint with the hotel immediately. 4. If you observe bedbugs in the hotel room (on the bed, couches, etc.), attempt to take (more than a few) photographs using your cell phone or camera. 5. Obtain names and titles of every individual that you speak to at the hotel regarding your bites and the presence of bedbugs. 6. Have everything you are taking home with you (clothes, bags, etc.) dry-cleaned before bringing it into your home or putting it in your car. 7. Keep all of your hotel room rental agreements and receipts (dry-cleaning, hotel receipts, prescription receipts, etc.) 8. Obtain copies of any medical records and medical bills related to your treatment for the bedbug bites. 9. Take photos of your bedbug bites on a daily basis, as this will help you establish how long you suffered from the bites. 10. Call our Law Firm at (815) 929-3844; we will move quickly to preserve evidence that will strengthen your case.

If you believe you were bitten by bedbugs in your hotel room or housing complex, please feel free to give my Firm a call at 815-929-3844. We will give you a free consultation and move quickly to preserve evidence that will strengthen your case and maximize your recovery.

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