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Bill Powers: Judgments by a criminal court that result in a civil lawsuit

Posted by attorney F. Powers

Call us today. 704-342-HELP. or visit us @ Hi. I'm Bill Powers and I'm talking about statutes of limitations in North Carolina. Now sometimes if one is convicted of a criminal violation or even a traffic ticket, there may be certain costs or fees awarded by the court against you or someone you care about. In North Carolina, the State of North Carolina or other agency that was awarded the fees has basically a three-year statute of limitations to file a civil lawsuit to recover those monies. That's found under chapter one, section 52 of the North Carolina General Statutes. If you have a judgment against you by a criminal court and you're concerned about a civil lawsuit being filed, please give us a ring at Powers & McCartan. The consultation is always free as well as confidential. The telephone number is (704) 342-HELP. We're here to help at Powers & McCartan. Give us a call.

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