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Bill Powers Explaining Misconceptions With the Legal System

Posted by attorney F. Powers

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Sometimes people don't have, I guess, an understanding of how the courts work, and who is there to do what. Now a defense lawyer is there to help you, it's to be your advocate, it's to be your person's stand-up with a knowledge base and say to a judge or say to a prosecutor, this is what we believe should or should not happen. Now hiring a lawyer doesn't necessarily mean your charges get dismissed or they get thrown out. I think sometimes clients expect us to have the judge come wash their car afterwards and the truth of the matter is that's just not the way it works. The first thing a lawyer is going to do is advise you of the different consequences with being charged. What's the worse-case scenario? What are the fines? Am I looking at jail? Can I end up having my license suspended or revoked? The second thing that we want to take a look at is the factual background. What happened on the scene? Why did you receive this citation? Why were you arrested? And then we want to see if there are any weaknesses or are any weaknesses to the state's case. Did the police officer do everything they were supposed to do? I encourage people, if you get a ticket or you get arrested, to call a lawyer. The consultation, especially in criminal traffic matters, is almost always free, it's always confidential and a lawyer will give you an honest opinion of what he or she thinks, and that's what we do as lawyers. That's what we do as criminal defense lawyers, is we help people get through hard times. Give us a call at Powers/McCartan. We are here to help. We have a real easy telephone number. It's 704-342-HELP. That's why we have the number, it's because we're here to help people.

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