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Bill Powers & John Landreth: Setting Court Dates

Posted by attorney F. Powers

Call Today @ 704-342-HELP or Visit Online Bill: Hi, I'm Bill Powers and we're in segment three of four regarding being charged with a felony in Charlotte or actually in arrest in North Carolina. And John, we've already gone through bond hearings, we've gone through the right to a probable cause hearing, indictment by the grand jury. What's the next step? What are you looking for next? John: The next thing that we try to do is to get your court date set. That's the next thing. Here in Charlotte we have a court which will help us to get the court date set, also to get evidence turned over so that we can begin working on your case. Bill: Right. Charlotte's a little bit unique. We actually have an administrative court, it's not just a general operating superior court. And by the way, when you're charged with a felony, it has to start in disctrict court normally and it goes to superior court. It's a procedural aspect of North Carolina, we've had in fact since we're actually a colony. What we do now in Charlotte is we send it to superior court. We get discovery and we actually have what is actually called a trial court administrator's office that manages the docket and they want to make sure that we have the materials, we may have a plea offer and things of that nature. Now it's complicated and to tell you the truth it's different in each jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions do it in a more formalized way and others do it much more relaxed. Either way, give us a ring. We're here to help.

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