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Bill Powers & John Landreth Discuss Felony Charges

Posted by attorney F. Powers

Call Today @ 704-342-HELP or Visit Online Bill: Hi, I'm Bill Powers, the managing partner of Powers McCartan in Charlotte, North Carolina and I'm joined with John Landreth, one of our associate attorneys. What we do is in a series of three or four different legal briefs regarding what it means to be charged with a felony in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you're watching this video and you have someone that has been charged with a felony that's close to you, that means they're probably in jail, right? John: That's right. Typically with these types of charges, the bonds are set much higher or there's no bond at all that's been set by the judge. Bill: Right. Now that doesn't mean you can't get a bond and it doesn't mean that that bond couldn't be reduced. It just means that starting off there may be a few hurdles that we have to go over prior to securing someone's release. Now John, when someone calls up, especially a family member or a friend or a loved one and they've got someone they know in jail, what's the first thing you recommend or what are some of the first things you want to know? John: The first thing you want to do is tell us what they're charged with. The next thing we're going to want to do is try to see if we can get them out of jail, possibly by lowering the bond that's been set. Bill: Now there are a lot of different options, I saw something in the "Charlotte Observer" just this morning that talks about the electronic house arrest or EHA, the ankle bracelets. There are options other than jail. As you might imagine, jail is pretty expensive, as we like to joke it's actually cheaper to send the kid to Davidson College than to put someone in jail for a year. If you'd like more information about bonding or bonds or securing someone's release from jail, please give us a ring. The consultation is always free as well as confidential.

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