Written by attorney Steve C. Vondran

Best Defenses to Consider in a BSA software alliance audit - WHAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

If your business gets a letter from the Business Software Alliance requesting that you submit to a "voluntary audit" to see how much software you have installed on your company laptops, computers, and servers, this video will give you Attorney Steve's top 5 things that should be considered by the CEO, CFO or other principles and owners of the company (who could be held personally liable for software shortages), and these are 5 things I can GUARANTEE you the BSA does not want you to know. Why? Because these are your RIGHTS, things you can and should be bringing up as they try to make a software pirate out of your organization and hit you with huge penalties and fines at risk of them filing a copyright infringement lawsuit. Knowledge is power and this video will help if you are facing a letter from BSA, SIIA, Autodesk, Microsoft, Adobe, or other companies.

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