Written by attorney Ross Wesley Albers

Bench Warrant Issued After Failure to Appear in Maryland Court?

A criminal defendant failure to appear for court in Maryland happens for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the court will reset the case, but usually a bench warrant is issued for the defendant's arrest.

What will happen if the defendant turns themselves in depends on the nature of the defendant's criminal background, charges, and history of appearing before the Maryland courts.

The defendant's best bet is to hire a criminal defense attorney who can file a motion to recall the court's bench warrant.

If the motion is granted, the court will recall the warrant and the case will be reset for trial. However, until the court rules on the defendant's motion, the bench warrant is still active and the defendant can be arrested.

If the defendant decides to turn themselves in, then the defendant will be required to post a bail to be released if a bail was set by the court. Otherwise, the defendant will go before the court commissioner who will set the defendant's bail or release the defendant on their own recognizance.

If the defendant is not released by the commissioner or does not post bail, the defendant will be incarcerated until their next court date.

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