Written by attorney Matthew D Hadfield

Basics of Administering a Living Trust in Utah

Administering an estate with a living trust can be an overwhelming task, not to mention the risks of personal liability which can arise. This legal guide provides a basic overview of the general responsibilities of a trustee in administering an estate with a living trust in Utah.

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The information above is a highly simplified explanation of a standard trust administration and is not intended to be authoritative. Various factors can impact whether the administration involves additional requirements to avoid risk of liability or other issues. If there is any question about whether an action is legally appropriate or financially advisable or otherwise potentially problematic, it is highly recommended to consult with an attorney experienced in the administration of living trusts in Utah. In most cases, the assets of the estate can be used to pay the attorney fees or you can be reimbursed from the estate if you use your own funds. It is usually money well spent to make sure everything is done correctly and there are no loose ends. The following is a link to the Utah Uniform Trust Code:

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