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BANKRUPTCY: What Address Do You Schedule For Creditors?

When filing a bankruptcy petition, all creditors must be listed both on the appropriate schedule for the category of debt but also on the matrix, which is used by the bankruptcy court to generate address labels for the mailing of notices of bankruptcy.

So, a common question is what address do you use? Credit card bills can be confusing with pages of small print. An address printed at the top of the bill might not match the address at the bottom, or the actual address used for mailing the payment.

The only address used for the bankrupcty petition is the "correspondence address", which is usually listed somewhere if an attentive observer sifts through all of the fine print on both sides of the bill.

Here is how the address requirement is listed under U.S. Bankruptcy Code Section 342(c)(2)(A):

If, within the 90 days before the commencement of a voluntary case, a creditor supplies the debtor in at least 2 communications sent to the debtor with the current account number of the debtor and the address at which such creditor requests to receive correspondence, then any notice required by this title to be sent by the debtor to such creditor shall be sent to such address and shall include such account number.

So, it is worth taking a minute to sift through the bill to find the correspondence address, which may at times be listed under "Write to us Here" or some other such description.

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